Ayaymama Eco Lodge & Expeditions


Ayaymama Eco Lodge & Expeditions

AYAYMAMA ECO LODGE & EXPEDITIONS offers specialized excursions for anyone wishing to experience as well as serious birdwatchers where you will see many species of birds that are only in this area. Professional fishermen will be taken to different lakes where you can catch fish such as a peacock or big piranha, golden or tiger catfish, paiche fish, peacock bass, water monkey fish and arapaima gigas which is one of the biggest fish in the Amazon.We also offer fishing for large catfish using a stick rolled with 30 meters of fishing line, hook, weight and bolantin which is the use of live bait such as fish. You will have a highly trained woodsman guiding and watching your back. The best time for fishing is May-November. We still manage to put you on top of them during high water as well, December-May. For the outdoor enthusiasts that want something out of the normal we offer trekking circuits that highlight the differences of Amazonia, flora, fauna and geography camping deep into the jungle that you can expend more than 2 nights. This allows you to go deep inside the jungle, learn how to build a raft and return to the lodge navigating the Amazon on your own raft. You will learn how to make a blowgun which is a weapon that some indigenous villages still use to hunt with. You can also camp inside the National reserve where we offer 5-10 days camping excursions dicovering and learning.An example itinerary for 5 days at the Ayaymama Lodge with daily escurcions and optional overnight campingb

Day 1

we pick up our guests from Iquitos Airport, drive to the Port of Nauta, and take a private boat to the Lodge. This takes approximately 3 hours in total. Upon arrival you will be greeted by Ayaymama staff with a welcome juice preared from fresh fruit from the jungle, orientation, lunch, short walk behind the lodge in primary seasonally flooded forest in search of wildlife, medicinal plants and flowers. Dinner and optional nocturnal excursion by boat, canoe or foot (depending upon weather and season), looking for animals such as insects, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and birds.

Day 2

After an early breakfast we will depart by boat to Eliseo Creek (black water), then enjoy a jungle walk in a terra firme area that never floods looking for the most beautiful poison dart frogs and seeing the enormous ceiba trees. We will return to the lodge for lunch then take a boat ride in the Pampa-CaƱo creek looking for pink and gray dolphins. You will have a chance to swim with them along the Amazon River. We will return to the lodge for dinner then optional nocturnal excursion by boat, canoe or foot looking for animals such as snakes and amphibians.

Day 3

Picnic breakfast on the boat inside the National Reserve, which is considered one of the biggest reserves in Peru. We will explore the Yanayaquillo creek looking for various species of monkeys such as howler, monk saki, sloth and squirrel. We may also see scarlet macaw and blue and yellow macaw, toucan and ocelots. We will be surrounded in the thick and primary jungle where species of animals and plants live are still unclassified by modern science. We will return to the lodge for lunch then visit the canopy walkway looking for insects such as pray mantis, poison dart frogs, birds and monkeys. Return to the lodge for dinner then optional nocturnal excursion by boat looking for tree boas, anacondas, night monkeys and caimans.

Day 4

After breakfast we will depart by boat to Moena Cocha (black water) to fish for piranha. We will return to the lodge for lunch then visit a native cocama community to learn about their culture, fishing practices, farming and the use of ancient mystical medicines derived from the rainforest. We will return to the lodge for dinner.

Day 5

Early rise to observe wildlife. We will return to the lodge for breakfast then depart for a walk in the seasonally flooded forest to see giant lily pads and look for the prehistoric looking hoatzin birds, enjoying the different ecosystems. We will return to the lodge for lunch. Return to Iquitos.


Shaman lucky ceremony, sunset on the Amazon, bonfire and storytelling, weaving with a local villager, camping and more than one night deep in the jungle and hiking more than 5 hours starting at Eliseo creek and ending at Nahuapa creek, navigating on the Amazon on the raft made by yourself, learn how to prepare and cook a local Peruvian Amazon dish, learn how to hunt and fish like the locals indigenous people by building rat and bird traps and using a cast net to fish.

we also offer options for those wanting to experince drinking Ayahuasca( extra cost for the Ayahuasca) wich is considered the hallucinogenic drink.

Pick and choose what activities you are most interested in and passionated about, after all its your adventure.


✤ Transportation to and from the airport
✤ Transportation in and out of the lodge
✤ Your own personal naturalist bilingual guide
✤ All the activities

✤ Breakfast, lunch and dinner
✤ bottle of water
✤ Private bungalow
✤ Laundry
✤ Electrecity
✤ Rubber boots


✤ Alcahol drink
✤ Air ticket
✤ Airport tax
✤ Tips


✤ Mosquito repellent
✤ Flash light (1 per guest)
✤ Long sleeves shirt
✤ Binacularas
✤ Rain coat
✤ All general personal items